Aloha Kona Rotarians,

As you may have heard we are going back to zoom meetings, starting this Thursday at 12:00. Janice has sent you all an email with the zoom link. I hope you will make an effort to zoom with us for the time being. As soon as we get the "all clear" I want to resume the meetings at Lava Java. This new outbreak of the Delta variant is spreading, reaching younger people and even affecting vaccinated people. I am grateful no one from our Rotary club of Kona has come down with the covid 19 virus. If you have had the virus or know someone in our club who has contacted the virus please let me know. I always try to social distance and be sure not to touch people and wear my mask as much as possible. I use my Sani wipes and wash everything down as often as possible.  I hope you all do what you need to do and stay safe! So for now, I will put my efforts into having the best darn zoom meeting in Kona! 

I do want to mention we have made great advances with our zoom and technical capabilities. At a meeting awhile back we had a live video feed with a Ranger from Volcano. All our live meetings have had an option for our members to zoom. Janice is working to make things go smoothly and I feel lucky to have her on our team.

Last week I got an email from Magin with Project Hawaii. She spoke at a zoom meeting we had last summer about her efforts providing a free summer camp for our homeless Keiki on the big island. They have been able to have the summer camp again despite covid and this year they were able to bring a group of homeless teen boys on a trip to the beach in Kona. Some of the young people had never been to the beach even though they live right here on the big island. I find that incredible. Anyway, if you would like to help support this worthy effort you can by using Amazon smiles, a Target app and purchasing gas at ‘Ohana Fuels and Minit Stops. A portion of your purchase is given to Project Hawaii.  If you would like a link, email me and I will forward it on to you. I love what they are doing for the youth of the big island. 

Peter is coming home this Thursday! I couldn’t be happier. You can still talk to me about Rotary issues, but he is the Big Cheese.